Seduction (Fail Title is FAIL)


THAR BE SMUT UNDER THIS HERE CUT! This is an AltairxMaria fic. It’s based on the dream (memory?) sequence Desmond has in Assassin’s Creed II of Altair and Maria conceiving their second son on top of Acre Citadel. This is the alternate version that I didn’t post onto because of the M-rated discrepancy that they revised.

That being said, I also wrote this to prove a point.

See, not that long ago, I read chapters 1-12 of Fifty Shades of Grey. Why 1-12? Because that’s as far as I could go without clawing my eyes out and jamming a Swiss Army Knife into my brain. I found the book? - story? - thing to be absolutely deplorable in terms of characterization, writing, editing, grammar and smut. For something touted as “kinky” and ‘exhilirating’, it was hella boring. The sex - and everything else - in Fifty Shades sucked. My point was that I could have, and probably have, written better smut when I was 14 and I still thought boys had cooties. Now, at 22, I’m ready to prove my point. I refused to post my very first smut fic that I wrote at 14 because, by my standards, it sucked ass. So, I got this crazy brain child of Altair and Maria, ran with it and BOOM! Story.

I don’t own Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed, its characters and its logo belong to Ubisoft Montreal (and all of other branches - seriously, just go play Revelations; they show every branch before the opening!)

Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

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